Jenna Glass
Mother of All

Mother of All


An evil new magic threatens to undo all the progress women have made in the third and final book in Jenna Glass’s riveting feminist fantasy, following The Women’s War and Queen of the Unwanted.

In the once male-dominated world of Seven Wells, women now control their own reproduction, but the battle for equality is far from over. Even with two thrones held by women, there are still those who cling to the old ways and are determined to return the world to the way it was.

Now into this struggle comes a darker power. Delnamal, the former King of Aalwell, may have lost his battle to undo the spell that gave women reproductive control, but he has gained a terrible and deadly magic, and he uses these new abilities to raise an army the likes of which the world has never seen. Delnamal and his allies seem like an unstoppable force, destined to crush the fragile new balance between men and women.

Yet sometimes it is possible for determined individuals to stem the tide, and it comes down to a unique triad of women–maiden, mother, and crone–to risk everything…not only to preserve the advances they have won but to change the world one final time.

Women’s Well Song

This original song, Women’s Well, was inspired by The Women’s War. It was written and performed by Natasha Watts. You can find her on Twitter @NatashaWattsUp @author_tasha, and on Instagram @author_tasha.

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